Student Aspirations

There are two things that can happen to a college student for the first quarter of the school year. They could either lose weight because they are not eating enough healthy food or they could gain weight because all they eat are fatty foods and junk foods. Neither scenario is good. Here are ways you can avoid any of those 2 scenarios.

1. Some student accommodation Birmingham City Centre area, allows students to bring their cooking utensils with them. Take advantage of this by cooking only healthy foods.

2. Shop at farmers markets. Local markets that surround most student accommodation, Birmingham City Centre area, have lots of fresh produce and healthy food that can still fit any college student’s budget.

3. Hydrate constantly with water and other beverages. Students get so caught up in school work that they forget to have regular intake of fluids. All that walking to different buildings could make you tired and thirsty so bring with you a water bottle.

4. Exercise in the morning or after classes. Adding 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine can make sure that you don’t gain too much weight while at the university. It also improves concentration and helps you relax.

5. If you are not allowed to cook, find places that serve healthy, non-processed foods. Make sure that you have the essentials like protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Avoid sweets and foods rich in fat as much as possible as they can cause diabetes and heart problems later on in your life.

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